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"Val is outstanding teacher who deserves all the praise he can get.  He has been teaching my 9 year old for about 8 months and my 5 year old for about  4 months.  My 9 year old improved a lot (it was a lot of work to undo the bad habits created or not caught by previous teachers) and is currently preparing for her level 4 certificate, but we were most amazed how far he has come with our 5 year old exceeding our expectations and surprising us every step of the way.  Thank you Val for your patience and flexibility, but most importantly the relationship you have with our kids that gets them motivated and excited before every lesson!"

"My wife started taking lessons with Val and it was so inspiring, vibrant and accessible that my daughter and I started lessons after the first day. We have had other teachers but Val is unique - he can speak and teach to any skill level and age and keep it about the music and techniques that keep you interested and inspired. We can't recommend him highly enough - it's our most exciting day of the week."

"Valery Goldes is an amazing piano teacher. We feel truly blessed that we found him and he is teaching our 2 children: our 12 year old daughter and our 9 year old son. First of all, he is a truly accomplished and deeply gifted classical concert pianist. He is so enthusiastic and youthful in spirit, which my children love! He is also a very serious teacher who is able to instill discipline through the joy in playing the music - My kids happily practice an hour a day with the wonderful pieces, exercises and music theory he has given them! My son loves movie music, and he has accommodated this by teaching him both classical training and simultaneously learning show themes so as to build on my son's enthusiasm. You just can't find a better piano teacher!!"

"I am so grateful I found Val!  I am an adult beginner, who always wanted to learn piano, and Val has been a godsend piano teacher.  He's patient, incredibly talented, and structures our lessons with the perfect balance of theory and application.  I came to Val wanting to learn a specific song, and not only have we made incredible progress with the song itself, but also are building a strong theory foundation.  His rate is highly competitive and his studio is easily accessible in Hollywood (love that he also offers in-home lessons as well!).  I look forward to my weekly lessons and and so grateful to call Val my amazing piano instructor!"

"Val is amazing. He has been coming to our home for about 6 months to teach my 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. My son is autistic, and Val recognizes that my son learns differently and always comes up with new ways to work with him and pique my son's interest. What I love about Val is his infinite patience and non-judgemental style. He is willing to meet students at their own level and recognizes that as long as they are learning (at any pace), that is a good thing. My daughter loves him as well, because she can tell that he is a genuinely kind person. Val gives both kids just the right amount of homework to practice, is very organized, and always has a plan of what he wants to teach them each week. I am amazed at what both kids have learned so far. Val gets my highest praise!"

Piano Lessons with Valery Goldes | In-Home | Studio | Online
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Piano Lessons with Valery Goldes
About Me:


I have more than 20 years of experience as a pianist. I have played worldwide and studied with some of the greatest instructors in the world. From Israel to New York. My performances include performing with the Israeli Philharmonic orchestra under the baton of Zubin Mehta, performing for Bill Gates at Microsoft and as well as many others. I'm also a recording artist, singer-songwriter, composer and a producer. As a pop artist, my debut song "Cinderella" went viral on social media. Also I'm a frequent guest in TV shows and radio stations, including JLTV with Jon Voight.


Music is my life and my passion. There is no greater feeling than sharing it with people. I believe in being not only an instructor but a mentor to each of my students. My hope is to expand your knowledge and inspire you to be creative in your craft. I believe that nothing is impossible and if you're determined and focused on your goals, nothing can stop you from achieving them. My teaching subjects include piano, composition, songwriting and improvisation. 


I teach both classical and pop, all levels. I have great experience with kids and adults so if you're here to learn music and transform it into something bigger than yourself then I'm thrilled and excited to teach you, share the experience with you and support you all the way as you master your craft.


I look forward to hearing from you and I can't wait to be a part of your musical development.

Music is everything to me. 


There is no greater joy in this world than sharing it with people.

"My expectation for my daughter Katelyn and her piano teacher is high, and Val has exceeded my expectation. I especially appreciate that Val does not limit our piano lessons to the piano books. He customizes our lessons based on Katelyn's interest and ability, which has helped her stay interested and challenged.  
Val's passion and enthusiasm to music is inspiring and apparent in his teaching. He encourages and inspires Katelyn to always work hard and grow into the little pianist that she has become. Most importantly, since she started lessons with Val, she has gained such an appreciation for music - from playing the piano to listening to music and even composing new songs. It has been incredible to see her progress.  
In Katelyn's words, "I love him. Mr. Val is a great pianist and much more patient than you, Mommy!" She has so much respect for Mr. Val and truly enjoys her lessons with him. Each lesson flies by and we recently increased to 45 mins. I definitely trust Val with developing my daughter musically and feel lucky to have him not only as her piano teacher but our mentor."

"My daughter was at a point where she was not enjoying piano practice and had not made any progress for quite a while when we found Val on Yelp. We had a great start with him right away. My husband and I actually sat in the first lesson together to make sure we were making a right move to switch to the right teacher who can help our daughter to reach her full potential with the long term commitment we were willing to make for our daughter's education. I know it is pretty unusual to have two parents to attend a little girl's piano lesson. But for the time and money we already invested for the last five years we felt it's important to find the right teacher to take our daughter to the next level so we both met Val after scouting all over the place and reading so many reviews. You can tell we take education pretty seriously. We were very happy to find out Val has high expectations for his students and he's not holding back when he sees potentials in his students with what he teaches. That's exactly what we value, not a  typical "nice" American teacher who babies his students but someone pushes his students to reach the stars if they can and the teaching is not limited by age and grade level. We totally understand piano lessons require huge commitments from both students and parents in order to be effective.  I was a very hands-on mom when it comes to piano practice but in the past the practice was such a daunting task for my daughter. She was willing to practice 45 minutes a day at most on average, although she did well with her RCM exams. We knew she barely tried her best. Within two weeks of lesson with Val we saw an obvious drive within our nine year old who happily and willingly committed to two hours practice daily and the progress was very obvious. Val is strict but he is also motivating and inspiring.  He is really great with kids which makes his lessons so fun. We are very happy about the switch to Val and only wish we did it sooner. I have sat in my daughter's piano lessons since she was four years old and I can say both of us have never felt more energized as we are now after each lesson with Val. We highly recommend him!"

"Val is the best! I took piano lessons as a kid for 3 years and now 30 years later I found my passion for classical music and Val is the perfect instructor. I love his homework assignments because they are challenging, but ultimately will help understand music theory faster than any book or YouTube videos. I practice even more than I ever did before and I'm excited for our lessons each week. I always learn something new and he makes it easier to understand. If you want to be a better musician go with Val!!"

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I love sharing my music with people and I love teaching music especially to kids. I offer piano lessons to kids and adults, all styles, all levels, in your home. I also teach at my studio in Hollywood. I have a lot of experience with children and they are the reason I'm teaching piano, because nobody is as open-minded and creative as kids and seeing them rise to be great musicians makes my dream come true. I studied music at the Juilliard school in New York and before that in Germany with the best instructors who gave me a priceless education which I now pass onto the next generation. I'm also a music producer who can help you with songwriting and music production. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions and I look forward to our first lesson together!

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Piano Lessons

All styles, all levels. Kids and adults.

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Songwriting and Composition Lessons

Classical, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock and more!


Ear Training and Music Theory Lessons

Beginner to advanced.


 Music Lessons In Your Home!

Call now to schedule your lesson.

(646) 271-3989 

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