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I now offer online lessons via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. You might think that a virtual lesson is an impossibility and takes away from the real experience of learning an instrument. While the experience is different than face to face lessons, online lessons have proven to be a very effective method for people who maintain social distancing and who are extremely busy and find it more relaxing to learn an instrument in the comfort of their homes not to mention eliminating pressure or nervousness that can occur when trying out a new experience. I have a professional set up with a high quality microphone and full HD streaming camera. I use two screens to give you an amazing experience and to make lessons more efficient and interactive. I have two cameras which conveniently switch between each other every time I demonstrate something or speak directly to you. With my setup - online lessons are made simple and engaging to give you the best experience possible so you feel that you are learning as well as you would with face to face lessons.

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