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Valery Goldes is a recording artist, pianist, singer-songwriter, composer and a producer. Valery grew up in Israel.  A child prodigy in classical piano, Valery played for Bill Gates and with orchestras across Europe & Israel, including under the baton of Zubin Mehta with the Israel Philharmonic starting when he was only 13.  Valery studied with the best in Israel, Germany and then in New York at the Juilliard school. With his training from the classical world, Valery felt that he could best use his talent as a gifted entertainer and a singer-songwriter in the arena of pop and contemporary music. His debut song Cinderella-Special Girl became a viral hit on social media and was viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

Valery’s music is a dynamic piano based pop with a totally modern twist. His music has culturally diverse elements, strong melody lines, and a mix of musical genre — pop, classical, hip hop – that together add up to a distinctive sound.


As a piano coach, Valery's passion has always been to share his music knowledge and experience with his students. He has been teaching kids and adults all his life and believes in being not only an instructor but a mentor to each of his students.  His teaching subjects include piano, composition, songwriting and improvisation.


"Nothing is impossible if you're willing to make it possible." 


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