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"If you want the best piano teacher I would recommend Valery Goldes to everyone that wants to learn playing the piano, beginner or advance. After my 12 year old took Piano lessons with different teachers and was discouraged by their ways of teaching she wanted to quit playing the piano. After my wife and I decided to give it another chance and find her another teacher in NY. We asked Valery if he can give my kid a few lessons. It was a different experience. My kid became more enthusiastic about playing the piano. I think Valery gave her the motivation and the foundation for playing the piano. We are wishing Valery the best in LA. Neuman family."

-Ehud N.


"Valery is one of a kind piano teacher and I can't say enough how lucky we are to have found him.
Our son David is 6 year old. He is doing a number of different activities and it isn't at all easy to get him to focus during an hour.
Valery is so gentle and conveys so much peace that he manages to have David's undivided attention and focus during a full hour.
Our son actually asks for more and looks forward to the next class. He is making tremendous progress and Valery helps David develop his gift for music. 
Valery's life is music and he is fully dedicated to sharing his passion. He is totally driven and hard working to achieve his goals and applies the same determination to see his students succeed.
While he was a prodigy child playing with a Philharmonic at age 13, Valery is very humble and discreet,
We have been so thrilled with the classes that both my wife and I decided to start learning with Valery too.
The pace is pretty fast and Valery challenges me at every class to push my limits and progress significantly every time.
We are blessed Valery touched our lives. We can only healthfully recommend him as a great music teacher and human being."

-Marco B.


"Val- Thank you for always inspiring my daughter to stay motivated and work hard on her piano regiment. She often walks out of lessons feeling good bc she gets the adequate amt of reinforcement from you. I am not always patient w/ her so you add a good balance"

-Shanon T.


"Val is very good with kids and is very patient and kind. After only one month my 8 year old is excelling and my 7 year old is continually getting better. Below is what they have to say about him. 
"Val is a very good teacher because he helps us rise to the top" - 7 year old.
"He helps us with the notes and different fingering so we can learn how to play piano better." - 8 year old."

-Nicole H.


"Valery is an amazing piano teacher and a wonderful person. We have an upright piano at home and my 3 year old would always move his fingers on the keys and I wanted to try out piano lessons although I wasn’t sure at the beginning since he is so young. I’m so glad I found the right piano teacher for him. I came to Val’s studio in Hollywood and my son instead of being extremely shy was so excited to try out the instrument. In just several minutes Val has shown him so much that I wouldn’t think my boy would understand but he did and surprisingly he was so focused that I couldn’t even believe my eyes!

I did some research on other piano locations and music schools but then I found “Piano lessons with Valery Goldes” and I went on his website and saw so many amazing performances and achievements not to mention that he studied at Juilliard in New York, I knew I had to try him out.

Thank you so much Valery for bringing so much joy to my little one! Sorry for the long review, I had to!" 

-Chelsea J.


"Val is an amazing and passionate musician and his enthusiasm for playing is contagious and very inspiring. I got referred to him by my friend. He has been teaching her 7 year old daughter. He is really great with kids extremely patient and his methods are very educational and really fun at the same time. He has very unique approach and makes it fun at the same time. My friends daughter absolutely loves these piano lessons. I decided to try myself and it has been going great so far."

-Katarzyna K.


"Val is great person to work with. He is very well informed in his craft. Not only is he an amazing musician/composer, he is also a great educator. At the beginner level, piano lessons can be a nightmare but he shares really great & simple methods to make the learning process quicker and easier. Can't wait to continue lessons with him so I can be on his level one day!"

-Kendall A.


"V is a very passinate musician who is very true to his art and work. He loves music and has a dedication to share it with other people. He is a very nice and patient guy to work with and always trying new ways to help his students with a better apporach if they can not figure out the right techinque at first."

-Angel N.


"I came in as a complete novice and I appreciate the skill level that Val has helped me to achieve. He is well educated and a well-rounded  professional.
Since Val has been a previous student at Juilliard, this makes me feel as though I am in good hands. I constantly learn something new when I visit for piano lessons. If you want to learn from an exceptional teacher, he's the guy for the job."

-April P.


"Valery has a passion for music and enjoys sharing it with his students.  He has a great demeanor and easy to work with whether you are just starting out or advanced.
He is a true professional and give him the highest marks and recommendations."

-Ofek H.


"This guy is a musical genius and he's very patient. Thank you Valery Goldes."

-Nick C.


"Before learning from Valery, I had already taken some piano lessons. In my experience he is one of the best instructors who I've had. He is not only talented but very courteous and listens to what you want to get out of his class. Not to mention his awesome education and credibility. He's not just a great teacher but an inspirational artist!"

-Kristine C.


"Such a great guy who is very well informed in theory, but he's not just another boring piano teacher, he makes it fun."

-Elle V.


"My sister just started having lessons with this wonderful, awesome teacher! And I see the result of his influence in couple lessons. We tried couple different teachers, but my sister kept loosing her interest in playing piano every-time she goes to lessons. Then we decided to try it with Valery, it was our last shot otherwise we were going to sell the piano and stop trying. And Miracle happened! Now she is playing piano 24/7, finally she loves this instrument. We appreciate it! Thank you very much!"

-Jasmin D.


"Had the best experience. I've been looking for a piano teacher who could help me continue my piano lessons and I couldn't be more grateful for Valery. He is a talented composer and producer who put me on the right track, helping me improve my technique and develop a feel for the keyboard. After the first few lessons at his studios, I noticed my improv had become more creative and technically sound. He taught me to develop a better feel for rhythm, and my coordination has grown by leaps and bounds since. He was very accommodating and his schedule was flexible. The price was very affordable for the great value given. He is the best teacher I have ever worked with and would recommend him to anyone."

-Megan S.


"I have been working with Val for weeks now and I am very happy with his teaching methods. I learned piano at a young age and didn't play for 10 years. So he is very patient in 'teaching an old dog new tricks' as well as teaching his professional methods from his extensive education and time in the music industry. 
He is also very honest and straight forward in his method, which helps the stubborn adult brain progress."

-Rachael D.


"Val is a true professional. He has been such a great teacher, mentor and creative inspiration to me. I have been going to Val for a bit, taking weekly piano lessons to strengthen my piano playing for my song writing, and music composing. Piano playing, composition, and theory are clearly Val's second nature. He really knows his stuff! I'm in my 20's and I was worried it would be difficult to jump into lessons at my age, but I  feel so accommodated by Val's teaching style. It's very custom to my speed and style of learning. I would HIGHLY recommend Val to anyone of any age, or any experience level. THANK YOU!"

-Michael W.


"Our family is very happy and lucky that we have found Val as our kids' piano teacher.  He is fun, patient and encouraging with my children. He own music education background is extensive and impressive, and he carries that global, world-stage perspective into his lessons.
We have a 6-y.o. boy who has had about 6 months of lessons and an 8-y.o. girl who has had 2 years of lessons, each with a different piano teacher.  Both children had been slow to progress with their previous teachers, despite daily practice.  My son in particular was unable to count the beats and had very poor hand positions.
After just two months, both children are showing remarkable improvements in their techniques.  Val works on all aspects of music education, from ear training, sight reading, rhythm, performance artistry (musicality), and musical terminology.  Val does not limit his teachings to what are covered in lesson books.  He has shared his philosophy that he is teaching his students the fundamentals and understanding of music, so that whether they continue with piano or move on to other instruments, the key skills will be transferable.
Val is a very, very special music teacher, and we have recommended highly him to several friends already."

-David T.

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