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Los Angeles Piano Lessons- Why We Need Music In Our Lives...

Los Angeles- Piano Lessons: As a child, my parents forced me to sit down at the piano and practice 6-7 hours per day. I got very easily discouraged to pursue music because of the approach they had to motivate me to practice. Although I have loved music all my life, I resented the fact that I had to practice, practice and practice. ​ It made me rethink the whole approach to practicing and after a continued career as a musician and an educator, I have founded my piano teaching business with a purpose to introduce a new, fun and innovative way to educate both children and adults by inspiring them to achieve their goals in the world of music and beyond. Just Google Los Angeles Piano Lessons and you will find us on the 1st page! I have been proudly serving Los Angeles for quite some time and couldn't be more happy to share my knowledge with students of any age and experience.

I have always been passionate about teaching because I felt I contribute my knowledge and passion and bring it to both children and adults. piano lessons can be hard and challenging but with the right approach and motivation, anyone can do it. Everything in life worth doing- requires patience and hard work and by learning an instrument such as piano or taking music lessons in general- kids develop the discipline of hard work and it serves them forever because with that determination they can apply it to anything they choose to do in life.

I offer piano lessons but also offer music lessons which include ear training, music theory, harmony, composition and songwriting. I have been serving Los Angeles and the surroundings for many years, and will continue to do it because I'm passionate about my work. My piano lessons studio is located in the heart of Hollywood but I also travel to your home- of course at this time it's not possible due to COVID but I'm looking forward to serving you regardless at my studio or via online lessons.

So if you're looking for music lessons or piano lessons in Los Angeles be sure to stop by for your 1st lesson which I currently offer at $40 only as a promo to give you an idea of how the lessons will be conducted and to make sure we are a good fit so you don't have to commit to any lessons unless you have enjoyed your very 1st piano lesson with me.

Yours Truly,

Valery Goldes

Los Angeles, CA.

A picture from our Piano Recital of an award winning young pianist!


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